Get a Smile Makeover

Do you have missing, yellow or cracked teeth? Do you wonder what your smile would look like if you had a complete smile makeover? Stop wondering about your new smile and see it for yourself – live and in action – through the magic of virtual reality!

We can’t wait to help you see your winning new smile! Don’t wait – get started today!

    I would like to see how I would look if we:

    Dental technology has come a long way. Now we can bring your ideal smile to life with a revolutionary new app called IvoSmile. IvoSmile shows you what you would look like if you had all your teeth and they were straight and white. We do this by digitally fixing your teeth’s alignment, color, filling missing gaps and more.

    How Does it Work?

    IvoSmile builds a digital 3-D model of your ideal smile. By superimposing this digital model over your current teeth, Dr. Bynum and the team can create a kind of “virtual mirror” where you see yourself wearing your beautiful new smile.

    You can experience this “virtual mirror” as a static image, video, or in “live” mode. In “live” mode, you can move your head, chew, bite and talk – all while previewing your updated smile in action.

    Using this smile makeover tool, we will help customize the shape, size, shade, and brightness of your teeth, and more. It’s easy to scroll back and forth between “before” and “after” views. You can even keep a copy of your enhanced smile to reference later!

    If you are looking for a tooth replacement option to fix several missing teeth, you may be a candidate for Teeth Tomorrow Dental Implants.

    What is Teeth Tomorrow?

    Teeth Tomorrow Dental Implants are a full set of permanent, natural looking teeth, custom-made to your personal requirements. Plus, they don’t stain, crack or chip like regular dentures.

    Schedule your FREE evaluation and customize your smile with Dr. Bynum and the team at Teeth Tomorrow’s Greenville South Carolina office.